I invented the Frio-Horse cooling device in the year 1990 and kept on improving the machine by using the experience that i got by being in the field at barns and at shows listening to the needs of vets, grooms and trainers. At this moment i can say with honesty that i have the best cooling device on this planet if it comes to cooling down areas by means of this type of controlled cooling. Proof for this statement are the different tests done in the universities and the quantity of machines sold over the years to big barns and well known horse doctors. Ask a client, and he will tell you.
Being in this niche market of treating sport horses, i started adding quality tools to the product line and selling them with great succes all over this planet. We have tools for almost every problem a horse can encounter allthough common horse sense can solve most of these problems but are sometimes difficult to understand or to implement.
My common horses sense is free of charge not allways acurate but as every horseman knows, the more you know about a horse the more you realize that in fact you know nothing at all and that is exactly why horses are so intriguing !!
Dr. Bert Shivers
The Activomed Aquatrainer one of the other products in the line, in action.
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