Who We Are?

We are the best company in trainings apparel for top sporthorses for over more than 20 years now.

We are the inventors of the Frio-Horse controllable Cooling machines and we distribute with succes, water treadmills,cold spa,combi watertreadmill/cold spa, massage blankets, combi massage and electromagnetic blankets, solariums, horse Fhön blankets, shockwave devices,automatic grain and hayfeeders,nebulizers,hay steamers, treadmills, compression cold packs, infra-red camera's and thermometers, anti-fly installations and lot's of other things, included common horse sense... 
Bert Van Deynze.

La Chatta polo club at Azelhof in Lier Belgium
Frio-Horse at show, barn position
Example how to use the Frio-Horse "The next Generation " at the show. Notice that the device is FEI approved!
Your dealer, Bert Van Deynze or Frio Bert ;})